After your examination, you will be informed as to your recommended treatment. Upon your request, we will estimate the dental fees for your expected treatment and /or submit a pre-determination of benefits to your dental insurance carrier. Please request either of these services from one of our business office staff. Payment is requested at the time of service. All patients having dental procedures requiring outside laboratory services are requested to pay half of their dental fees at the initiation of treatment, with the balance due at the completion appointment. Payments may be made by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa or Discover. A statement rebilling charge of $15 per month will be added to patient accounts where we must repeatedly send monthly bills for the same balances


Our office accepts most dental insurance benefits. Please check with our staff to see if your insurance company is among our list of participating carriers. Our staff can help you to prepare and submit your claims for this important benefit. You are responsible for payment of all services not fully covered by your dental insurance benefits.

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